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Casual attire. All guests must be well groomed and dressed. We ask guests to not wear saggy/baggy shirts or pants, offensive t-shirts, or flip flops, fur slides, crocs/house shoes or hoodies. No bandanas, durags or bedtime headwear will be permitted. Designer scarves & religious head wraps are accepted.

All women must be over the age of 25. All men must be over the age of 30. This does does apply  brunch, private parties and special events.


All guests with each party must arrive within 15 mins of a reservation to be seated. 


Late arrivals can be canceled or placed on our waiting list. 


We reserve the right to implement table minimums on Friday's & Saturday's after 8 pm.


There is a three-hour seating limit Thurs.-Sun. if there is a waiting list. 

No split checks for parties over

6 guests or after 8pm. 

Same day reservations are not guaranteed - please book ahead. 

​If you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary: cakes and/or desserts are allowed. Decorations are also welcomed. No confetti! 

Please note a 18% gratuity is applied to all checks is applied on all tabs over $175 or parties 6 or more.


A 4% credit card processing fee is applied to all cc transactions.  

All requests or inquiries text 803.470.5335.


We welcome events at Barcode. Our building is designed to seat up to 100 guests. Whether you're hosting a brunch, mixer, reception, viewing party, launch party, birthday celebration, private party or etc. our team can assist you. We offer full event management and catering. 


If you're interested in filming at Barcode e-mail


We welcome after parties and promotional events. To secure please e-mail


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